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The independent international list for bulb enthusiasts around the world. This list is private, non-commercial, and not affiliated with any particular society or group. Its remit is geophytes of the world (plants with bulbs, corms, tubers, or rhizomes). We welcome new subscribers. Bulbs-L is hosted by Surfnet in The Netherlands.

Jim Shields, List Owner

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Send an e-mail with your real name (given name and family name) with your request for a subscription to Bulbs-L to Jim Shields < jim@shieldsgardens.com>, List owner. Be sure to include the e-mail address from which you will be posting messages sent to the list.

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Bulbs-L was started to provide an independent, non-commercial list where plant lovers could discuss the bulbs of the entire world. Accordingly, it is not associated with any plant societies, although we encourage our list subscribers to belong to any plant societies appropriate to their particular interests in bulbs. Bulbs-L is strictly apolitical and secular.

We are proud to be hosted on the Netherlands Information Consortium's Surfnet system. We are grateful to Eric Gouda for having shepherded Bulbs-L through the lengthy waiting period for new lists on Surfnet. Eric (in his capacity as curator of the University of Utrecht Botanical Garden) also sponsors the Alpine-L, Arisaema-L, Bromelia-L, Passiflora-L, Penstemon-L and Trillium-L lists.

Purview and Coverage

The subject matter for this list is anything pertaining to geophytes and their immediate relatives. A "geophyte" is an herbaceous perennial that has an underground storage organ of one of the types: bulb, corm, tuber, or rhizome. They and their "relatives" include for example,

Most flowering monocots, including:
Iris Family (Iridaceae) members, even those not strictly "geophytes"
Amaryllis Family (Amaryllidaceae) members of all sorts, such as Clivia
Terrestrial Orchids (Orchidaceae) with a bulb or pseudobulb
Aroid Family (Araceae) with a corm, tuber, or rhizome root structure
Lily Family (Liliaceae) in the broad sense: all members
Colchicum Family (Colchicaceae) members
Hyacinth Family (Hyacinthaceae) members
Onion Family (Alliaceae) members
Canna Hosta

Dicot bulbous genera such as tuberous Anemone, Cyclamen, Claytonia, Corydalis, Eranthis, Oxalis, Begonia, tuberous Pelargonium, Sinningia

This is not an appropriate venue for discussing trees, shrubs, or non-bulbous perennials. There are other lists for such plants. Some geophytes are succulents, but most succulents are not geophytes. We will not cover non-bulbous succulents. There are other good lists for discussing cacti and succulents.

The list of "geophytes" is subject to revision, of course. I'm sure I have omitted good "bulbs" from the above enumeration, and everyone should feel free to discuss what they consider to be legitimate geophytes. We do however want to keep the list focused clearly. Your help in this endeavor will be greatly appreciated.

Pictures and Images

Atttachments are not allowed in this list. They are not processed correctly by the listserver software, and they would present an on-going risk of virus transmission if they were passed along.

There is a list specifically for images, <bulbs_images@yahoogroups.com>, which you are invited to join if you wish to share pictures. It is moderated to minimize the risk of transmitting viruses.

You can send an e-mail message (blank) to <bulbs_images-subscribe@yahoogroups.com> to join that list. If you have troubles with this, contact me for assistance at < jim@shieldsgardens.com>.

There is a flower image web site being considered, to operate in conjunction with the various plant lists on Surfnet. If this is realized, Bulbs-L will also participate. I will announce in the list any further developments in this respect as they occur.


Bulbs-L is an international list. We welcome bulb lovers from everywhere in the world. The principal language of Bulbs-L is English. Members who are weak in writing in English may post in other languages, if their alphabets are compatible with the Listserv software at Surfnet, so long as they include a summary or abstract of the message in English.


The archives of Bulbs-L are available on the web at http://listserv.surfnet.nl/archives/bulbs-l.html. Feel free to browse through them.

Jim Shields < jim@shieldsgardens.com>, webmaster
Last revised on: 6 April 2003