compiled by Patti Waterman

revised Feb. 28, 2000

*ACCENT ON VIEW (V. Sellers 1992) 28"M6" pink stippled blend w/GT; D

AFRICAN AMULET (E. H. Salter 1986) 16"MRe3" pale ivory white w/blk plum EZ & GT; Ev.

APRES MOI (Lambert 1973) 30"E5" violet self w/GT; D

BACON GOLD NUGGET (M. Herrington 1981) 25"M6" gold w/wine EZ & GT; Sev

BENGAL TIGER (Copp 1962) 40" ML orange w/copper overlay; D

BLACKBERRY SURPRISE (D. Sylvester 87) 26" ML 5" creamy white blend w/lav dots, halo, & Y-GT; D

BOHEMIAN (V. Sellers 1992) 24" EM 4" cream w/dark purple EZ & GT; D

*BREED APART (E. Salter 1996) 26"M4" orange coral blend w/GT; Sev

BURNING DAYLIGHT (Fischer 1962) 28"M glowing orange self; D

*CHINA DAWN (Munson 1993) 24"EMRe5" pink self w/Y-GT; Ev

*CHINA VEIL (Munson 1989) 30"EMRe6" pink & lilac on ivory w/cream GT; Ev

CHLOE (Nesmith 1938) 30-42"MreDor

CHOSEN ONE (MacMillan 1968) 26"EMRe6" near white self w/GT; D; some disagreement about this one

CINNAMON COOKIE (Whitacre 1988) 33"M5" med. yellow dusted brown w/pale YT; Sev

CRAZY LACE (Wild 1966) 30"M5" pale cream w/G EZ; D

*DIZZY DOTS (Mercer 1998) 25"MRe5" lt. pink w/stippling & lt. pink EZ above GT; D

DOTS APLENTY (Halinar '87) 44:ML3" orange w/purple dots & reddish purple EZ above OT; Sev

DOTTED PETALS (Sellers 1990) 24"EM3" beige cream w/purple dots on petals & purple EZ above Y-GT; D

*DOTTED SWISS (J. Dickerson 90) 20"ML3" lt. purple blend dotted white w/GT; D

*DROP CLOTH (J. Salter 1995) 28"M5" ivory blend w/maroon stippling & GT; Ev

EXPANDING UNIVERSE (Petit 1998) 26"M5" bright cream w/cinnamon stippling & GT; Sev - Ev

FANCY GAY (Dill 1964) 26"M5" rose pink self w/GT; D

FIZZIWIG (Weston 2000) - 28 8 inch, dip, variant, purple with white stippling with striped patterns to it

FLAKED LAVENDER (Spalding 1972) 12"E3" lavender bitone w/lt. G halo; Ev

FLASHING JEWEL (Joiner 1993) 28"MLRe5" rose purple blend w/GT; Sev

FRECKLED LASS (Hansen 1991) 28"Mre5" red w/cream freckles & GT; Sev

FRENCH LILAC (Lake 1961) 24"EMRe pink w/deeper EZ & Y-GT; D

*GOLDMIST RED (Kirchhoff 1991) 26"ERe5" gold sprinkled red w/red orange halo above Y-GT; Ev

HAPPY HOOLIGAN (Talbott 1992) 18"EMRe5"cinnamon red blend w/GT; D

HELEN DUKE FIKE (Lambert 1982) 32"M6" cream dusted rose w/dusted rose halo & GT; D

JAZZ BAND (Santa Lucia 1993) 26"M4" rose red blend w/GT; Sev

*KALEIDOSCOPE FANTASY (Morss 1995) 28"Mre6" beet root stippled w/neon streaks yellow edge w/melon watermark above YT; Ev

KATIE (Durio 1974) 25"EMRe6" rich pink self w/GT; D; some disagreement regarding stippling

LAVENDER PLICATA (K. Carpenter 1991) 22"M5" pinkish lav. polychrome w/GT; D

LITTLE FAIRY FESTIVAL (E. H. Salter 1995) 18"M2" orange red blend w/GT; Sev

LITTLE WHITE LIE (Stutson 1982) 14"EM2" white speckled purple w/deeper purple halo & GT; Sev

*MARGARET SEAWRIGHT (D. Stevens + 1985) 24"M4" yellow bitone; yellow gold w/ cinnamon speckles on most blooms. Once in a great while the speckles get organized enough to form almost an eye, but other days the eye's made up of many small dots instead; D

*MATT (H. Harris 1982) 20"M5" yellow w/bronze overlay & GT; D; some disagreement regarding this one

MELANKTON SPEISER (Whitacre 1990) 24"M4" pale peach & deep rose reverse bicolor w/peach throat; D

MOSAIC (Russell '60) 24"MLa lemon w/rose flecks & GT; D

OLIVE'S ODD ONE (O. Pauley 1991) 40"MRe6" paprika red w/faint shadowy paprika red halo above green-gold throat; D; comment - "is interestingly speckled and in fact looks like someone has dry brushed a rusty red over yellow - it's really cool looking".

PEPPERMILL (Wild 1964) 30"LaRe5" deep cream peppered reddish brown; D

PITTER PATTER (P. Fass 1972) 24"M4" lavender w/creamy EZ & G-YT; D

PRETENDER (E. Bryant 1979) 26"M5" creamy yellow brushed wine w/chartreuse throat; D

PUTNEY SPOTTED FEVER (Tom Engle 1991) 24"M4" peach & burnt sienna w/burnt sienna EZ above intense peach throat; D

*RHYTHM OF THE SAINTS (M. Mason 1997) 28"EMRe6" pink w/deep rose halo & GT; D

ROYAL CHARM (Soules 1988) 16"EM3 3/8" Egyptian buff edged wine grape w/wine grape halo & lime throat; Sev

SEURAT (Moldovan 1990) 26"MRe6" rose mauve speckled and splashed med. rose purple w/creamy lemon GT; Sev

SPECKLED TROUT (Phillip Adams 1997) 21"MLRe5" lt. fuchsia pink stippled and striated w/apple, lime GT; Sev

*SPECKS (K. Durio 83) 26"MlaRe6" speckled pink w/rose rouging & GT; D

*STIPPLED VELVET (Don Marvin 1988) 25"M5 1/3" purple w/white edge & GT; D

SPOTTED FEVER (C. Brown - Oakes 1995) 22"M3" tan peach peony blend w/lime GT; Sev

*SWEET SPOT (Joiner 1992) 24"EMRe7" heathery rose red w/darker rose red EZ above GT; D

*VIRGINIA PECK (Durio 1990) 28"EMRe6" near white edged deep red rose w/lettuce GT; Ev

*WESTMINSTER LACE (J. Salter 1992) 28:EMRe6" pale ivory blend w/deep gold edge & GT; Sev

WILLY NILLY (Saxton 1963) 38"E5" lt. yellow w/underlay of pink; D

*YUMA (Whatley 1979) 25"Mla6"yellow rose blend w/YT; D; some disagreement about this one

I also received information that the following cultivars do not necessarily exhibit these tendencies, but may carry them and pass them on to successive generations:

Dot Breeder (unregistered; Halinar?)

DUKE OF DURHAM (Elliot 1977) 29"Mla6" copper brown w/purple EZ & GT; D

EXOTIC ECHO (Sellers 1984) 16"M3" pink cream blend w/double burgundy eye & GT; D

*IDA'S MAGIC (I. Munson 1988) 28"EMRe6" amber peach edged gold w/green-gold T; Ev

IVELYN BROWN (Joiner 1973) 26"Mre8" cream self w/med. GT; D

SILOAM RED TOY (Henry 1975) 20"EM2" red self w/GT; D

SILOAM RIBBON CANDY (Henry 1981) 27"M3" pink w/deep rose EZ & GT; D

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