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The following images of diploid daylilies have been contributed by members of the E-Mail Robin for your enjoyment.

Diploid daylilies have 22 chromosomes in the nucleus of each cell. Most wild species are diploids, except for a few triploids with 33 chromosomes.

The most famous diploid daylily today is doubtles STELLA DE ORO (Walter Jablonski). This mini golden-yellow, continuous blooming variety is found everywhere except central and southern Florida.

SILOAM GUMDROP (Henry 1985) 18" tall, EM bloom season, flower 3.12", dormant. Pale pink with red eye zone and green throat. Nancy LeGendre,

Image contributed by Nancy LeGendre,

ROSE EMILY (Pierce 1982) 18" tall, Midseason bloom , flower 5", SE. Nancy LeGendre,

Image contributed by Nancy LeGendre

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