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Extra Early Blooming Varieties

The following images of early-blooming daylilies have been contributed by members of the Daylily E-Mail Robin for your enjoyment.
GALADRIEL (Glidden, '79) Diploid; EE; ht. 11"; Ev; flower 3".
The plant here in Westfield makes at least one scape about 30" tall, but other scapes are more like 18".
Images and text contributed by Jim Shields.
"Naushon No-Name" (Unknown) Diploid; EE; ht. 24"; SE?; flower 3.5".
Found by Don Marvin growing in a lady's garden on Naushon Island.
Images and text contributed by Jim Shields.
MAY SEVENTY EIGHT (Benzinger, '81) Tetraploid; EE; ht. 24"; SE; flower 6".
Very pod-fertile. We have a good yield of seed ('95) from ADMIRAL'S BRAID pollen on this one.
Images and text contributed by Jim Shields.
ROSE PRELUDE (Bennett, R., '88) Tetraploid; EE; ht. 28"; Ev; flower 6"
Color is a color, muddier rose red, not the bright red that this photo seems to show. Said to be rather tender; we mulch it well and it does well. Very pollen fertile -- we got long crosses from its pollen on HEAVENLY HARMONY.
Images and text contributed by Jim Shields.
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