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Late Blooming Varieties

The following images of late bloom season daylilies have been contributed by members of the Daylily E-Mail Robin for your enjoyment.

JOHNNY COME LATELY (Flory-Englerth) was the first really late-blooming variety I acquired. It makes a particularly attractive mature clump, with its wiry scapes arching outward over the dense stand of foliage. This dormant diploid is up to 30" tall with gold and rust bicolor flowers of about 4.5" diameter.
Images and text contributed by Jim Shields.
HOOSIER TWISTER (#671D03) (Shields seedling), diploid, Ht. 24", probably SE, Flwr. 6", petals 2.25 - 2.5"; sepals quilled, ca. 1.1" wide. Parentage = [(WIDE FANTASY X JOHNNY COME LATELY) X PINK PANOPLY].

Daylily seedling #671D03 bloomed July 16th, mid-late in the 1994 season,its first bloom season; and started blooming about the same time in 1995. We expect it to be a ML to La blooming daylily on average (time will tell!).
Images and text contributed by Jim Shields

WALTER JABLONSKI MEMORIAL [~127 Kb] (Jablonski-Sharp) is a late-blooming diploid, cream with a narrow rose hairline "eye zone". WJM increases very slowly, and is not carried for sale by many growers. The registration information indicates that WJM is a dormant, 23" tall, with a 5.5" flower. Registered in 1989. Images and text contributed by Jim Shields.
LADY AYLENE (Elliott) blooms ML to La. An apricot-gold diploid. Registered as 25" tall, dormant, with a 4" flower, in 1989.
Images and text contributed by Jim Shields.

A very late gold tetraploid is SANDRA ELIZABETH (Stevens). This is the official marker for the start of the VL season according to the Late Bloom Robin. Registered as dormant, 28" tall, with a 6" flower, in 1983.
Images and text contributed by Jim Shields.

BERMUDA CORAL (Marvin) blooms La to VL. This is a light peach colored tetraploid, with a large flower (6.5") on a tall scape (45"); dormant. Registered in 1985.
Images and text contributed by Jim Shields.

Les Hegeman's PECONIC AUTUMN is another La to VL tetraploid, 34" tall with a 6" rose pink flower; dormant. Registered in 1991. The scapes have about 25 buds, but one scape on my clump had 40 buds.
Images and text contributed by Jim Shields.

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