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Electronic Images of Daylilies

The following images of early-blooming daylilies have been contributed by members of the Daylily E-Mail Robin for your enjoyment.
You can capture images from video tapes. The hardware and software are varied, and improving (or at least becoming less expensive) all the time. Here are some examples, showing the effect of image size on apparent image quality.

The following image is made from an 8-mm Sony camcorder using a video capture card. Compression is via WinVisionPro that came with the card. The image is not as crisp as that scanned from a photo. The real advantage is short turn around time and low cost as far as getting a picture "on the air". The cultivar pictured, MAKING DOUBLE TIME, is going to be a 1996 introduction from John Kinnebrew Jr. of the Kinnebrews of MIDNIGHT MAGIC fame. It's a diploid. One of the parents was one of Liz Salter's eyed cultivars. The video was made at the Lake City, FL show last May where MAKING DOUBLE TIME won Best Seedling.

Joe Agosta

This is a full-size image from a video scan. The file size is 300 Kb when uncompressed; this JPEG image is 156 Kb.

To download this image, [click here].

The following is a reduced scan (320 X 240 pixels) of the same video frame:
Notice that the appearance of the image may seem sharper. This is probably due to scaling effects. This JPEG image is 58 Kb.

To download this image, [click here].

Images and text contributed by Joe Agosta.

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