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Great Lakes Bulbs Meeting 15 July 2000

The Great Lakes Bulb group met on Saturday, July 15th, 2000, at the home of Keith Brown in Lafayette, Indiana. Members saw slides and heard a report on Boyce Tankersley's trip to the Republic of Georgia earlier this year. Sandy Ross showed slides, some quite old, of Lilium species that have been in cultivation and a few of the hybrids derived from them. There was a tour of Keith's garden, with numerous lilies still blooming, and his beautiful old post-Civil War era home.

Some candid snapshots in the garden follow. Click on the small image to view a much larger version (1.7 MB -- only for cable-modem or DSL users).

Members in attendance (left to right): David and Sandy Ross, host Keith Brown, Jim Shields, and Boyce Tankersley. Boyce's family also came with him, but they were busy working the cameras for this shot.

Examining one of Keith's lilies are Boyce, Sandy, Keith and David.

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