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There are no charges of any sort for these listings! I provide them as a service to the international bulb community and for my fellow aficionados. If I get complaints from the bulb public about a vendor, I reserve the right to remove that vendor's listing at any time. (In the 7 years of this page's existence, I have had to remove only 2 or 3 vendors for complaints. Most folks are honest and conscientious.)

If you are a source of bulbs, alpines, woodlanders, or similar plants, and would like to be listed in my Great Lakes Bulbs Society "Sources" page, please contact me privately at <>. See: for how the list page is set up.

What you need to provide to me for a listing includes the following:

Business name
Contact person's name
Postal address of business
Telephone number(s) (international format: e.g., ++1-317-555-1234 where the first number, "1" in the example, is the country code)
Fax number (international format)
E-mail address (preferred address if you have more than one)
Do you export?
Do you accept credit cards? Which ones? Other forms of payment?
Brief description of what is offered (see: for examples)

To be listed, you must give at least a working telephone number or your postal address, and a direct e-mail address. You may sell exclusively through eBay, but you must provide a contact route independent of eBay. I refuse to list semi-anonymous vendors. If you are afraid to have your address and/or phone number on the internet, you may be in the wrong business. If questions arise as to whether a listing is allowed, my decision is final in all cases.

My ideas for this service continue to evolve. I don't trust anyone who wants to keep their real name, address, and/or phone number secret. It's that simple. If you do not want your telephone number, for instance, listed in plain view, you can give it to me and I will keep it for use if a problem arises that needs direct discussion. Same for a street address. These will be in the source code but commented out so they do not display. As stated in the previous paragraph above, certain minimum information must be available to anyone who looks at the SOURCES page.

If you are already listed in this web page, please check your own listing from time to time. If anything has changed, please notify me promptly so that I can update your listing on the page.

Jim Shields

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