Group II Yellow which are still very scarce, as far as is known,

only 2 plants have been discovered in the wild.


The 2 known clones include the following:


  1. Giddy or Natal Yellow
  2. Tsolo Yellow


We have used only the Cynthia Giddy Yellow in our breeding program.


Cynthia Giddy Yellow (Natal B)

According to the late Cynthia Giddy, this plant was discovered near Bainsfield in Kwazulu Natal. The flowers open greenish and mature to a butter yellow. The tepals sometimes show variable red spots whilst the berries are often heavily spotted when fully matured. The flowers and umbel are of a good shape and size. This plant was awarded the best yellow on show in 1994, in Pretoria.







Cynthia Giddy Yellow (Natal B)


Cynthia's Best

This plant was apparently bred by Giddy in the F2 generation from the original Natal yellow. The flowers are no different to any group 1 yellow, but also show the odd red spot and the berries are the same as the original parent.


We have only used Cynthia Giddy Yellow (Natal B) and Cynthia’s Best F2 bred by Cynthia Giddy. All the seedlings from this cross are green based and all flower yellow (group II)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Part of Cynthia Giddy collection










Cynthia’s Best F2


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