The Amaryllis Family: Crinum stuhlmannii

The status of the names of Crinums related to Crinum delagoense is a bit unclear. According to Nikaya Grovender, of the Natal Herbarium, writing in SABONET NEWS, vol. 7 No. 1, pp. 19-20 (March 2002), Archer and Archer established that C. delagoense is a synonym of Crinum stuhlmannii. There is also the possibility that C. graminicola may be a subspecies of C. stuhlmannii, but that has not been established in print as of this date (March 2002).

Incidentally, David Lehmiller says this species should be known as Crinum forbesii. He discusses this in HERBERTIA, Vol 48, pp. 86-90,(1992).

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