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The Amaryllis Family: Clivia Culture

CLIVIA MINIATA and its varieties.

Natural habitat:- Warm dry woodland in Natal.

Hardiness:- Will tolerate temperatures down to about 2C (36F).

Light:- Will not tolerate hot direct sun and will grow and flower in shade.

Spring:- Passes from the resting period to the growing period. While resting, temperatures of 7-13C (45 - 55F), little water and no fertilizer. Once in growth high temperatures are tolerated provided that there is no direct sunlight. Plenty of water and feeding.

Summer:- A growing period, high temperatures tolerated provided that there is no direct sun. Plenty of water, air and feeding.

Autumn:- Early autumn as summer, then a cool resting period with minimum water and no feeding. Temperatures 7-13C.

Winter:- Continuation of the resting period and beginning of the flowering period. As flower spikes appear a slight increase in watering and light feeding, and a rise in day temperature to 15-18C (ca. 60-65F) is desirable.

Pests:- Mealybug

Fertilizer:- Balanced, with high phosphate.

General:- The above conditions are those desirable for Clivia miniata, but it is an undemanding plant and will survive under adverse conditions and neglect, provided that it is not sun-scorched, frozen or over-watered in the resting periods. It is a good house plant but appreciates being out of doors in the shade in summer.

Roger Mercer and Sir Peter Smithers

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