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- End of August

This is almost the end of August, and there are still a few flowers in bloom. The hardy Lycoris are blooming, the yellow spidery Lycoris chinensis, the white trumpet L. longituba, the smaller pink with electric blue highlights of L. sprengeri, and the old pink stand-by Lycoris squamigera. A new flower, just open, is the hardy spider lily, Hymenocallis occidentalis.

On the deck, Nerine laticoma is in bloom, as well as the even smaller flowered Nerine filifolia and the tiny N. gracilis. These are all shades of pink, rose, and almost-magenta.

The very hardy Crinum variabile is still blooming in the garden here, some of the larger bulbs showing their 3rd or 4th scape of the summer now.

Haemanthus coccineus (c) copyright Shields gardens Ltd. In the hot and dry greenhouse, a few of the dormant bulbs of Haemanthus coccineus are blooming, a month ahead of their usual times.

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