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Our favorite link: Shields Gardens Ltd.

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American Scientist magazine is published by Sigma Xi.

Arisaema Enthusiasts Group (AEG) is an internet-only discussion group for Arisaema lovers.

Biology Books

Botanic Gardens

Botanical Society of South Africa

Cameron and Rhoda McMaster's African Bulbs in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, not to be confused with

Greg Pettit's African Bulbs in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Both are good sources of rare South African bulbs.

Bar coding living species: http://www.barcoding.si.edu/

Carlo Balistrieri's Botanicalgardening.com is a blog for botany enthusiasts.

Bulbs-L on Surfnet is a discussion group about bulbs, especially for gardeners living in colder climates.

Center for Plant Conservation is located on the grounds of the Missouri Botanic Garden in St. Louis, MO. Contact them at <cpc@mobot.org>

Clivia Society (South Africa)

Clivia-enthusiast list in Yahoo Groups, the best on-line discussion group about Clivia


Wessel Lötter's discussion of yellow Clivia genetics at Cyrtanthiflora Breeders.



Flower Shows

Google Images

Google Scholar for searching the scientific literature on the internet

Hadeco Pty Ltd grow bulbs in South Africa and market them around the world

Hoosier Computer Service and Frank Holden

The International Bulb Society, publisher of HERBERTIA

IPNI - The International Plant Names Index on-line.

Kew Gardens has a World Checklist of Selected Plant Families

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, of the South African National Biodiversity Institute

Monon Trail in Westfield, Indiana

Nature News is published by the Nature Group, publishers of the journal Nature.

A discussion of Peach Clivia flowers with links to discussions of pigments, in Shields Gardens' Info section.

Plant Forums

Plant Mailing Lists and Groups

Plant Society Web Sites

Premier Hort's Pro-Mix BX

Premier Hort's Pro-Mix BX with Biofungicide

Tony Avent's Plant Delights Nursery in North Carolina (USA)

Nicholas de Rothschild's Exbury/Vico collection of Nerine sarniensis Hybrids in the UK.

The Royal Horticultural Society in the UK

Mr. Janis Ruksans apparently still has no web site. Get his print catalog, cost (was) US$5.00.

Janis Ruksans Bulb Nursery
Rozula, Cesis District
LV-4150 Latvia
E-mail: <
Phone: +371 - 941-84-40, +371 - 41-00-326

SANBI is the South African National Biodiversity Institute, which includes the national botanical gardens such as Kirstenbosch.

Scott's Professional Plant Fertilizers

Sigma Xi's daily Science in the News e-mail newsletter

SCIENCE NEWS, a weekly magazine on science

"ENSO as an Integrating Concept in Earth Science" by M.J. McPhaden, S.E. Zebiak, and M.H. Glantz. SCIENCE, vol. 314, pp. 1740-1745 (15 December 2006). Available on-line to members of AAAS.


TooColdForCactus list in Yahoo Groups dedicated to growing hardy cactus outside their normal ranges.

Tree of Life on the Web is an on-line phylogenetic tree showing the relationships among all living organisms and many extinct ones.

Trillium-L is an on-line discussion group for those interested in Trillium and other hardy woodland plants.

Literature References cited in the blog

Soltis et al., The ABC Model and its Applicability to Basal Angiosperms, in ANNALS OF BOTANY, vol. 100, pp. 155–163

Weeds and Weedkillers

  • Lontrel® from Dow AgroSciences. We recommend it highly!

Zahn et al., The Evolution of the SEPALLATA Subfamily of MADS-Box Genes..., in GENETICS, vol. 169, pp. 2209-2223 (2005)

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