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The Daylily Place: 2000 Performance Poll

compiled by Mark A. Carpenter

Posted 09 March 2001

The final tallying is in, and this project has ended. Just which daylily received the most votes in our robin poll ? Which daylily claims the title of "Best Performing Daylily" for the year 2000 ?

First, there were 223 entries, and at times when compiling by region I thought it might hit 1,000 ! LOL ! 223 is a very good response, so thanks goes out to all of you. I especially want to thank those that took the time to write the "why"s for their response, as this helps the readers more than anything. For those who offered a tie in their choices, since the poll restricted all of us to only one choice, I simply put the one you typed first in your message as your favorite if 2 or more were listed.

As far as choices go, there were 193 DIFFERENT cultivars received at least one vote. Of those, 110 received one vote, 38 received 2 votes, and below are those who garnered 3 or more votes. This speaks well about the incredible variety of cultivars offered to us, and of this plants ability to flourish in so many different climates.

Below are the notables, the votes they received, the hybridizer, and the 2001 Avg double fan Eureka cost !

Receiving 3 votes:
Wineberry Candy-Stamile -$12.86
Orange Velvet-Joiner-$9.65
Beautiful Edgings-Copenhaver-$12.59

Receiving 4 votes:
Custard Candy-Stamile-$17.28
Bahama Butterscotch-E.Salter-$5.42

Receiving 5 votes:
Bill Norris-Kirchhoff-$32.39

Receiving 6 votes:

Receiving 7 votes and AND THE WINNER FOR THE YEAR 2000::::::::

A TIE ! BETWEEN........

Pure and Simple-Salter-$16.07 and Moonlit Masquerade-Salter-$21.56 Congratulations to the winners !

I hope you enjoyed this poll, it was a lot of fun to read and compile

Mark Carpenter   San Antonio, Tx

Download copies of the full poll results by USDA Zone.]

These represent the preferences of people living and growing daylilies in about 45 States all around the US, as well as in Canada and in several other countries. They may not all do equally in all parts of the U.S. or the world, and they may not do as well in your garden ("your mileage may vary").

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