Daylilies Exhibiting Bloom in Late Season

Photos and comments contributed by Nancy LeGendre. Photographed with an Apple Digital Camera. Click on small images to see large image of same flower. Images were made in 1995, the dawn of the Digital Photo Age.
CHERRY BERRY (Stamile, 1989) TET 30in. Listed as midseason, so I expect this was a rebloom. Dormant. Cream with wine eye and bubbled edge.

REGAL FINALE (Stamile, 1988) 26in. Late. Dormant. Dark velvety violet purple with green throat.

MOON DAZZLE (Stamile, 1989) TET 27in. Mid-late. SEv. 6.5in bloom. Ruffled yellow self with green throat.

CHICAGO APACHE (Marsh-Klehm, 1981) TET 27in. Mid(Re.??). Dormant. 5in. bloom. Broad-petaled, ruffled, scarlet-red self with yellow-green throat.

LEPRECHAUN EYES (Kroll, 1994) 25in. ML-Re. Dormant. 4 1/2in. bloom. Green-yellow with a ruby red eye.

TUSCAWILLA TIGRESS (Hansen, 1989) TET 28in. EM-Re. SEv. 7 1/4in. bloom. Orange-red self with gold midribs, a dark eyezone, and a yellow-green throat.

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