The Amaryllis Family: Lycoris Hybrids

Lycoris [chinensis X haywardii] Lycoris [chinensis X haywardii]. This hybrid came from China, imported by Dr. James Waddick. Notice how the flowers develop a deep rosy suffusion as they age. A very attractive flower in the late summer garden.

Lycoris 'Hill Beyond Hill' Lycoris 'Hill Beyond Hill' is a named cultivar, also imported from China by Dr. James Waddick. A small, spidery flower on a relatively short scape. The pale primrose yellow petals have a faint pink stripe along the midrib.

Lycoris 'Sky Over Sky' Lycoris 'Sky Over Sky' is a named cultivar imported form China by Dr. James Waddick. The flower is somewhat larger than the flowers of the preceding two hybrids.

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