The Amaryllis Family: Genus Nerine

Nerine filamentosa has been considered a synonym of N. filifolia, but the two appear to be quite distinct. DNA studies should settle the question eventually.

Here are the two species, in profile, compared side by side:

Nerine filifolia in profile Nerine filamentosa in profile
Nerine filifolia Nerine filamentosa

The filaments of N. filifolia extend beyond the face of the tepals for a distance less than the length of the flower from ovary to face of the tepals. For N. filamentosa, the filaments extend beyond the face of the flower by at least the length of the flower from ovary to face of the tepals.

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Sir Peter Smithers spent many years hybridizing nerines. His collection was transferred to the Rothschild estate in England when he retired from active hybridizing. He has kindly allowed us to show some of his work here.

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