The Amaryllis Family: Smithers Nerine Hybrids

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This page presents some Nerine hybrids created by Sir Peter Smithers.


With a breeding history of a century, the early stages of which are not recorded, it is impossible to predict the outcome of crosses in N.sarniensis hybrids. All one can say is that certain parents give consistently good and interesting results.

Nerines require somewhat specialized culture, so it is not easy to grow these plants satisfactorily in a greenhouse regulated to suit a general collection of plants.

© Copyright 1997 by Sir Peter Smithers. All rights reserved. Reproduced by permission.

The Smithers Nerines now reside at Exbury, in the United Kingdom, where they are being grown by Nicholas de Rothschild. You can see more pictures of these and other beautiful hybrid Nerine at the Exbury Nerine web site.

The Genus Nerine contains many species in southern Africa. One of the commonest in cultivation is the winter-dormant species Nerine bowdenii, from KwaZulu-Natal province in the Republic of South Africa. There are many others, all with pink or white flowers.

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