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2000 Daylily Introductions

There are large images available by clicking on the small pictures below. The large pictures are 30 Kb to 100 Kb in size, and most are in the JPEG format. Photos were made using Kodak Gold 400 negative film or Ektachrome 200 slide film.


BAROQUE ROSE RUFFLES (Jim Shields, 2000) Seedling #598T05. Tet, ht. 24 in., flwr. 7 in. X 2.8 X 2.0 in. Rose with yellow-green throat; petals with lighter midrib. An elegant rose colored flower has fine dark veins flowing along the petals from the bright yellow-green throat to the pale pink edged ruffles. It has 15 to 20 buds one a scape with one branch.

WESTFIELD CREAMERY (Jim Shields, 2000), seedling #609T04, tet, ht. 26 inches, flower 6", M, SE. 25 - 30 buds, two branches. Cream with a fine yellow edging and green throat. Yummy as a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream on a hot July day, the profuse cream colored blooms please the eye, especially rewarding when several plants are grouped together.

WESTFIELD IN YOUR FACE (Jim Shields, 2000) Seedling #832T01. Tet, Ht. 33, Flwr. 7 in. X 3 X 1.7 in., Late, SE/Dor, 10 - 18 buds, top branched. Reblooms. This is a vibrant, eye-catching red with a green throat, which won't be ignored! This big beautiful flower will make any garden "Pop!"

WESTFIELD LAVENDER SIMPLICITY (Jim Shields, 2000) Seedling #592T02. Tetraploid SE, 33 inches tall. flwr. up to 7 in., M, SE. Creamy lavender with a faintly darker eye. This big lavender flower recalls the simple pleasures of the lazy days of summer. Just sit back with a tall glass of lemonade and let the cool lavender of this large 7" flower take yoiu back to the carefree days of memory. It carries 15 to 20 buds on a two-branched scape.

WESTFIELD ROSE RIOT (Jim Shields, 2000) Seedling #598T03. Tet, Ht. 37 inches, Flwr. 6.50 in. X 2.5 X 1.9 in. EM, SE. 14 to 23 buds, 1 branch. The fun-loving sister of BAROQUE ROSE RUFFLES; not as fancy but she makes up for it with a mass of lively color. Lovely rose colored blooms have a hint off deeper rose ruffling with a gold-kissed edge. The green deep in the throat fades to yellow-green as it rises before flowing into a faint honey-colored halo.


HOOSIER INDIAN MAIDEN (Andrea Strother, 2000) Seedling #933D01. Dip, Ht 29 in., flwr. 5 in. X 2 X 1.5 in. Medium purple with a green throat, a darker purple eye and veining. Deceptively delicate looking, this ruffled, grape colored flower stands up to even a full day of direct sun. A slight fading of the ground color only enhances the darker purple eye and veining.

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