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1999 Daylily Introductions

There are large images available by clicking on the small pictures below. The large pictures are 30 Kb to 100 Kb in size, and most are in the JPEG format. Photos were made using Kodak Gold 400 negative film or Ektachrome 200 slide film.


ANTIQUE COPPER CHARM (Andrea Strother, 1999) tet Ht 29.0, ML, Flwr 4.75, Dor, Round, light copper with gold edging and slight dust red eye. This is a very fertile pod parent. $20.00

BYZANTIUM (Jim Shields, 1999), seedling #652T01, is an Early-Mid season bloomer, Semi-Evergreen tetraploid, with large flowers that tend to recurve strongly to about 5" diameter. The color has proved very difficult to capture on film and even more so on computer screens; it seems to me to be a rose-umber shade. It carries 12 to 16 buds. Other seedlings in this cross were pink and purple. Pollen parent, #463T03, was a red-brown. It's pollen is sinfully fertile; it is also pod fertile, but less so than with its pollen. Tet, Ht. 26.0, EM. Pedigree: [click here]. $75.00

WESTFIELD BRONZE MEDAL (Jim Shields, 1999) Seedling #419T03. Tet Ht 27.0 M Flwr 5.50 SE tan purple eye ....$15.00

WESTFIELD PERSIMMON PUDDING (Jim Shields, 1999) Seedling #259T08. Tetraploid SE, 30 inches tall. It blooms in midseason and the dusky persimmon-orange, recurved flower is 4.75 inches. $17.50

WESTFIELD PINK LEMONADE (Jim Shields, 1999) Seedling #363T09. Tetraploid, 32 inches tall, SE, blooming midseason with a 5 inch flower that is rose pink self: a full, rosy pink with slightly darker rose eye zone over a yellow-green throat. Petals very slightly ruffled; usually overlapped. $15.00

WESTFIELD WATER TOWER (Jim Shields, 1999). Seedling #505T12. Tet, Ht 48.0, ML, Flwr 7.0, Dor. This is a huge creamy yellow with light rose eye zone, standing on a four foot tall scape. 12 buds; some branching, and is fertile. $25.00SOLD OUT


HOOSIER PARTY FROCK (Jim Shields, 1999) Dip, Ht 28.0, E, Flwr 4.75, SE/Ev. Purple and cream bitone from TOMA breeding. $35.00

HOOSIER PLICATA (Jim Shields, 1999) Dip, Ht 24.0, M, Flwr 4.5, Dor, lavender plicata bitone. Seedling #677D22. Parentage is [JOAN SENIOR X PANDORA'S BOX]. $15.00

TANZANITE TRINKET (Andrea Strother, 1999) Dip, Ht 22, ML, Flwr 3.5, Dor. Small, round and ruffled, medium purple with dark purple eye. $25.00 SOLD OUT

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