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1998 Daylily Introductions

There are large images available by clicking on the small pictures below. The large pictures are 30 Kb to 100 Kb in size, and most are in the interlaced GIF format. Photos were made using Kodak Gold 400 negative film or Ektachrome 200 slide film.


BAROQUE SUNBURST (Jim Shields, seedling #629T30) is an Evergreen, Mid-season tetraploid, with large flowers that tend to recurve to about 5.5" diameter; ht. ca. 24". Note white "splashes" along midribs. This cross tends to throw M to ML blooming seedlings, but this one is not yet fully checked out. Slightly fertile as a pod parent. Parentage: (PROWESS X ISLE OF CAPRI). $50.00

BELLE NOIRE (Irma Shields, seedling #758T04), SE to Ev, 33.5", EM, is a black-red tetraploid that is velvety black in early morning. The yellow throat extends out along the midribs on the petals, and there is a splash of yellow at the base of the sepals. The 5" flowers are gently recurved, with a slight ruffling along the edges of the petals. Petals are 2.6 inches, sepals 1.5 inches wide. Fertile both ways. Parentage: (BAMBOO BLACKIE x STILL NIGHT). $75.00

We grew BELLE NOIRE initially in light shade -- the batch of #758 seedlings just happened to be planted on the east edge of a weeping willow tree. It's color tends to hold in all but the hottest weather under these conditions, and it has set many pods beneath the edge of the willow tree. You might want to find a similarly protected spot for your plant of BELLE NOIRE.

BOLD BANDIT (Jim Shields, seedling #645T02) is a tetraploid, ht. 28", Mid to ML season bloom, Dormant, flower diam. 5" purple blend with large yellow throat, pronounced gray-purple halo traversed by dark purple veins. Flowers open to a recurved posture. Petals 2.4" wide, sepals 1.5" wide. Up to over 20 buds. Quite pod-fertile; pollen not yet adequately tested. Parentage: (WESTFIELD WINE X COURT MAGICIAN). $50.00

WESTFIELD WATERCOLORS (Randy Strother, seedling #580T01) is a tetraploid, SE, ML, ht. 22", with 4.75" flowers of a delicate baby-pink, with less yellow than appears in the photo. Note particularly the watermark, which we have found to be somewhat variable in pattern. Parentage: (WESTFIELD WINE X PTARMIGAN). $75.00 SOLD OUT


HOOSIER TWISTER (Jim Shields) Ht. 23" (full sun) to 29" (shade), is a deep red-brown in full sun. In shade, the light yellow-green throat expands to dominate as the red ground color lightens too. The bloom reaches 6" tip-to-tip. This one starts blooming ML but blooms into VL season. The foliage is SE. About 17 buds. Fertile both ways. Parentage: (HOOSIER HEAT WAVE x PINK PANOPLY). $35.00

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