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Nerine angulata

from Shields Gardens Ltd.

         Nerine angulata (c) copyright 2003 by Shields Gardens Ltd.  All rights reserved.      Nerine angulata is a species recently included in Nerine angustifolia, which latter species is native to Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Swaziland, northeastern Free State, western Lesotho, and Eastern Cape provinces in South Africa. N. angulata is a form (?) found only in the Eastern Cape province, where it grows in seepage areas. It has several narrow, channeled leaves 12 to 24 inches long. The large pink flowers are carried in umbels of up to about 10 florets atop a 1 to 3 ft. stem. The flower is rather irregular in form, being somewhat asymmetric. The peduncle is smooth, but the pedicels are covered with very short hair or bristles. The bulb grows completely subterranean. It blooms in late summer, August in the Northern Hemisphere. Once it reaches blooming size, it is said to bloom reliably. It needs a gritty, well-drained growing medium. The pot should be in full, bright sun when the plant is growing. Water regularly during active growth. It needs a dry winter, but remains more or less evergreen in mild climates.

The habitat of Nerine angustifolia is in acidic grassland marshes in the open, both in the flatlands and in the mountains. It is said to be reluctant to flower in cultivation.

Images © copyrighted 2003 by Shields Gardesn Ltd. All rights reserved.
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