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Haemanthus pauculifolius

This is the most recently discovered species of Haemanthus. It is closely related to H. albiflos and H. deformis, and like them is evergreen. It too has a white inflorescence, but it blooms later, October to December. The bulb grows up to 2 inches (50 mm) in diameter, sits high, nearly on the surface of the substrate. The bulb of albiflos normally is at least half buried in the soil. The leaves are 1 to 1.4 inches (25 - 35 mm) wide by 3 to 13 inches (70 - 325 mm) long and are covered with short hairs. There is one single leaf or sometimes two leaves, one of which would be from the previous season. Leaf pubescence may not be a reliable trait for distinguishing the two species. Leaf number and size are probably the most reliable traits for distinguishing albiflos from pauculifolius. Albiflos normally has two leaves produced at a time, and can have four leaves total if the previous season's growth persists after the new leaves develop.

Haemanthus pauculifolius (c) Copyright 2011 by James E. Shields.  All rights reserved.
Haemanthus pauculifolius

The species was originally found in two localities in the old Transvaal High Veld, but it is probably also in other locations in the same general area.



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