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Haemanthus Species

Haemanthus pubescens arenicolus

This subspecies is found only in the coastal plains of Namaqualand and of southern Namibia. Other Haemanthus forms are being found in Namibia that may be this taxon, in which case it is a rather variable entity.

Haemanthus pubescens arenicolus (c) copyright 2011 by James E. Shields.  All rights reserved.
Haemanthus pubescens arenicolus
Accession #1438

Superficially, the plant resembles Haemanthus coccineus. The bulb is different, having the shape of a vertically elongated egg, due in part to the tendency of the basal plate to persist from year to year, hence elongating vertically. The leaves are longer than they are wide, and may or may not have hairs on the abaxial leaf surface.

This subspecies is very rare in collections, but much sought-after. It would be nice if the Namibian Haemanthus species, especialy the one from Lüderitz, would have their status clarified somewhat.



D. Snijman (1984) "A Revision of The Genus Haemanthus L. (Amaryllidaceae)" Journal of South African Botany, Suppl. vol. 12. Trustees of the National Botanic Gardens of South Africa, publishers.

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