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1999 Daylily Seedlings

The following daylilies should probably be considered semievergreen in foliage habit, but have not been tested outside this Garden.
There are large images available by clicking on the small pictures below. The large pictures are 30 Kb to 100 Kb in size, and most are in JPEG or the interlaced GIF format. Photos were made using Kodak Gold 400 negative film or Ektachrome 200 slide film.

Seedling #912T04 is a semi-evergreen (SE) tetraploid, blooming in the early midseason (EM) with a 5 inch flower on an 18 inch scape. The flower is a lavender pink with a slight halo and a lighter midrib band. It has a full, round, flat form with lots of ruffles. Parentage: cross 912 = [#553T10 x MY GIRL].

Seedling #881T04 is an semi-evergreen (SE) tetraploid which bloomed for the second year in 1998. This second-year plant blooms in early midseason (EM) with a 5.75" flower of rose pink with a yellow-green throat. The form is full and round. The midribs are somewhat lighter in color, and there is a slightly darker rose edge. There are 20 buds on the 28 inch tall scape. The petals are up to 3.3" across, and the sepals are 2.1, inches wide. Parentage: Cross 881 = [BAROQUE BLUE BUTTERFLY x RHYTHM AND BLUES].

Seedling #901T01 is an evergreen (Ev) tetraploid which blooms midseason (M) to mid-late (ML). The 5 inch flower is a rosy raspberry red blend with a slightly darker eye zone and slightly lighter midrib bands. The petals are 2.5 to 3.1 inches wide while the sepals are 1.8 to 1.9 inches across. A second year scape was 28 inches tall with 22 buds. Parentage: Cross 901 = [BAROQUE FRAMBOISE x MY GIRL].

Seedling #1025T13 is a tet which bloomed for the first time in 1998. The flower is a rosy pink color with a rose halo and watermark, and there is a narrow gold picotee edge. It appears to be a mid to late season bloomer, producing a 5.25" flower on a 23 inch tall scape which carried 14 buds its first season. The petals are 2.5 to 2.7 inches wide, sepals are 1.6 inches wide. Parentage: cross #1025 = [LATE AGAIN x SPODE].

Seedling #992T50 is an evergreen (Ev) tetraploid which bloomed for the first time in 1998. It seems to bloom in the late season (La). The open, very slightly recurved 5 inch flower is a medium burgundy color with a narrow gold edge. The 23 inch scape bore 20 buds its very first bloom season. Parentage: Cross 992 = [TAHITIAN SUNRISE x ADMIRAL'S BRAID].

Seedling #865T05 is a dormant tetraploid, ht. 25 - 34 inches, Mid-late season, flower 5.5 to 6.0 inches in diameter. 15 to 20 buds per scape. Parentage = (ROYAL CATTLEYA x PAPILLON).

Seedling #799T01 is a Dormant tetraploid, ht. 28", Mid season bloom, flower about 5.5" medium purple, nearly a self but with a slightly darker eye zone. Opens wide and somewhat recurved most of the time, both petals as well as sepals. Quite pod fertile. Carries 20 buds per scape. [Pedigree: click here].

Seedling #601T04 is a tetraploid, ht. ca. 24", EM to Mid season bloom, flower diam. 5.5-6" burnt-orange blend with lighter midribs and a gold throat. Opens wide, almost flat most of the time. Petals up to 3" wide, sepals about 1.8-1.9" wide. 20 to 24 buds, a bit crowded at top of scape. Some pod fertility. [Pedigree:click here].

Seedling #830T02 is a Dormant tetraploid which blooms Late, scape ht. 27", ca 15 buds. This ca. 5 inch medium to light purple is characterized by a narrow ivory border and broadly light midrib area. Parentage: (ROYAL CATTLEYA x PECONIC AUTUMN). For an image pedigree showing several siblings from this cross, [click here].

Seedling #542t03 is a dormant, approximately mid-season, tetraploid, light smoky rose pink self with noticeable veins. Scape ht. to 30", flower 5.50 - 6.25" with 14 to 27 buds. Parentage: (#349T04 x 381T01).

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