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2004 Daylily Introductions
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AVANTE L'AURORE§ (Irma Shields, 2004*) Ht. 25", M, SE, tet, flwr. 4.75". Black-red with dark black red center which lightens as it extends out to white edge. Grn tht. 2 branches, 14-18 buds. Seedling #1003t08, parentage: (BLACK AMBROSIA X BELLE NOIRE)

BAROQUE CRÈME BRULEE§ (Jim Shields, 2004*) Ht. 31", M, SE, tet, flwr. 5.5". Pale ochre polychrome, muted pink eye, gold bubbled edges; green throat. 1 branch, 15-19 buds. Seedling #1136t05, parentage: (SPLENDID TOUCH X BYZANTIUM)

BAROQUE MINUET§ (Jim Shields, 2004*) Ht. 30", M, SE, tet, flwr. 5.5". Pink with faint rose eye. Ruffled edges; pale midrib; yellow throat. Top Y, 11 buds. Seedling #1191t05, parentage: (REGAL BRAID X BYZANTIUM)

HURRICANE WARNING§ (Randy Strother, 2004*) Ht. 30", M, SE, tet, flwr. 5.0". Purple with wire edge, yellow tht. 2 branches, 10-22 buds. Seedling #R24t03, parentage:

WESTFIELD BEAUJOLAIS§ (Jim Shields, 2004*) Ht. 29", M, SE, tet, flwr. 5.0". Purple with wire edge, yellow-grn tht. Yellow-green throat is also visible on the sepals. 2 to 4 branches. 20-27 buds. Seedling #1172t114, parentage: (BOLD BANDIT X EVENING ENCHANTMENT)

WESTFIELD MORNING DELIGHT§ (Jim Shields, 2004*) Ht. 32", M, SE, tet, flwr. 5.0" Black-purple with dark veining and edges kissed by gold. Yellow-green throat. Sepals recurved till almost invisible. 3-inch petals, 1.75-in. sepals. 21-26 buds; 2 branches. Seedling #1172t046, parentage: (BOLD BANDIT X EVENING ENCHANTMENT)


SHADOAN ANGEL§ (Andrea Strother, 2004*) Ht. 33", M, SE, dip, flwr. 4.5". Bitone, dusty pink petals w/thin rose eye & ruffles; apricot sepals. Yellow-orange throat. 2 branches, 25-28 buds. Seedling #1165D12, parentage: (#A03D05 X KAREN SUE)

SHADOAN DREAM DANCER§ (Andrea Strother, 2004*) Ht. 31", M, SE, dip, flwr. 5.5". Medium purple petals with purple-blue edge; light midrib. Yellow throat extending out on the sepals. 2 branches, 24-27 buds. Seedling #1160D13, parentage: [FROSTED AMETHYST X #933D02=(FAN CLUB X INDIAN GIVER)]

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