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Jim Shields' Greenhouse in Winter

Hippeastrum aulicum stenopetalum Hippeastrum aulicum stenopetalum bloomed before Christmastime in December, 2000.
Haemanthus albiflos Haemanthus albiflos blooms at odd times but also blooms reliably in late autumn.
Cyclamen coum Cyclamen coum is supposed to be hardy here in zone 5, but mine bloom better in the greenhouse. These were in bloom for most of January
Lachenalia rubida rubrum Lachenalia rubida is one of the first Lachenalias to bloom in autumn. Other species of Lachenalia bloom in an on-going sequence through winter into early spring, when the last species blooms before they all go dormant for the summer. Click the image at left to see a few more Lachenalia in bloom.
Ferraria crispa Ferraria crispa is a South African member of the iris family. Each 2-inch flower is open for just one day.
Allium neapolitanum Allium neapolitanum is marginally hardy, but a pot of it in the greenhouse is very attractive and sure to bloom. The umbel is 2 to 3 inches across.

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