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New Early-blooming Daylily Seedlings

The following daylilies should probably be considered semievergreen in foliage habit, but have not been tested outside this Garden.

There are large images which can be viewed by clicking on the small pictures below. The large pictures are 30 Kb to 100 Kb in size, and most are in JPEG format. Photos were made using an Olympus digital camera with video filter or are scans of pictures taken using Kodak Gold 400 negative film or Kodachrome Professional 200 slide film.

Seedling 1008t01 A recent early pink seedling is #1008t01 from [#866t28 X PAINTED PINK (Harris-Benz, 1985)]. This bloomed for the first time in 1998; in 2000 it had FFO on June 11, 2000. The flower is 5.5" with petals 2.5" and sepals 1.75". Scape height is 25 - 27" with up to 28 buds and 2 branches. I tried putting some BYZANTIUM pollen on it. #866t is (HEAVENLY HARMONY X ROSE PRELUDE) so this seedling is [(HEAVENLY HARMONY X ROSE PRELUDE) X PAINTED PINK].

Seedling 1152t19 A nice second-year seedling was #1152t19, a ruffled pink with 12 buds on the scape. FFO on June 11, 2000, making it E or EM in the 2000 season. This is from SILKEN TOUCH (Pat Stamile, 1993). The parentage is [#787t06 X #792t01] where #787t = [#542t03 X SILKEN TOUCH] and #792t = [#550t07 X SILKEN TOUCH]. Note that cross #787t was simply the reciprocal of cross #821t. Patrick's SILKEN TOUCH is one of my favorite daylilies.

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