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Hippeastrum Seeds

Starting from Scratch

While many amaryllids have fleshy seeds, Hippeastrum (Dutch Amaryllis) and a few other groups have flat, papery seeds. These require different treatment from the fleshy seeds to get them to germinate.

The preferred method is to plant the seeds on edge in a sandy layer that covers the regular potting mix to a depth of at least a half inch. When the seeds are all planted, stand the pot in a large saucer and water well from below. Cover the pot with Saran® or similar clear plastic film and place under lights or in a brightly lit north or east window. Don't let the pot or the sand dry out.

Keep the seedlngs growing year round until they are too large to fit in the original pot. Do not let them go dormant while they are still small; they may not recover from the dormancy when young.

Besides Hippeastrum, other groups of amaryllids having papery seeds include Cyrtanthus, Worsleya, Zephyranthes, and Rhodophiala. Seeds of these groups may also be started this way.

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